Students can look forward to the following benefits of horseback riding:


  • have fun
  • get healthy exercise
  • better balance and coordination
  • improved confidence
  • learn sensitivity
  • learn to be responsible
  • learn what being at your best looks like and know that your best is good enough
  • learn the rewards of commitment and hard work.
  • form a bond and partnership with your lesson horse

We welcome riders over the age of six to participate in our English or Western lesson programs. We begin all students in private lessons to ensure you receive the personal training required to build a solid foundation. Novice group lessons are taught in small groups consisting of four or fewer riders. Group lessons for intermediate and advanced riders will often be larger and last longer.

Lessons can be purchased individually or in packages. We have several package options to choose from. Most of our students ride twice weekly. Anyone who joins the show team is required to ride at least twice weekly. You can ride on our very well trained and good mannered lesson horses or on a horse you own or lease.

Our lessons are taught by accomplished and qualified adult instructors. Although we may occasionally ask one of our teenage girls to pitch in on a special occasion group of children, we do not allow students to teach our lessons. It takes years and years of correct riding before someone should even consider instructing another rider and you shouldn’t have to pay for their lack of experience. We enjoy working with our students to help them achieve their personal horseback riding goals.


Lesson Prices:

When you purchase a monthly package of lessons you are reserving both your instructor’s time and securing the usage of a lesson horse. Lesson packages start at $400 per month


Duration of Lessons:

Unless previously discussed with your instructor, the lessons are scheduled for 1 hour each. This includes the time needed to groom, tack and un-tack the horse. The larger group lessons will usually include a riding time of anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on the level of the riders and how quickly they can prepare their horse for the lesson. Everything we teach has a foundation in safety. Learning to properly handle, groom and saddle the horse is the start of the lesson. The majority of our novice group lessons are actually semi-private lessons consisting of 2 -3 students. The Intermediate and advanced students will often ride in a group lesson of 4-5 students.

Proper Attire:

English riding students are required to purchase an ASTM Certified helmet, breeches, paddock boots and half chaps or tall boots. Western riding students are required to purchase an ASTM Certified helmet, long pants and a western style boot with a heel.

English Attire can be purchased from these merchants:

Dover Saddlery in Lake Forest 


Cancellation Policy:   As a courtesy to the instructor and other riders in the lesson, please inform us of your cancellation as soon as possible.                         A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required to be put on a stand by list for a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons are always available to clients with privately owned horses and are subject to availability on a lesson horse. In most cases we can accommodate one make up lesson per rider per month. All lessons are to be used within the month. There are no refunds or monthly roll-over of unused lessons.





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