Gladstone Equestrian

OCIEL Year end awards Congratulations to our Champion Dressage and Champion Hunter winners Delany Frost and Whitney Riley

Both of these beautiful and accomplished riders began riding with me as 9 yr old little girls and are now Champion titled equestrians.   


Angelia Li takes the High Point award, Medal class and Champion wins at her first OCIEL show 2022/2023

I have been training horses and riders to be at their best for over thirty years and while my students have learned to be accomplished equestrians, my students and I have learned many life lessons along the way. Horseback riding is a wonderful sport that is healthy for your body and soothing to your soul. The horse is a magnificent animal. He teaches us responsibility, courage, tolerance and acceptance.

If you have always dreamed of learning to ride horses, start now and make that dream a reality. Horseback riding for children and young adults is an amazing way to build confidence. Competitive riding encourages you to dig a little deeper, work a little harder and realize the rewards of doing so. For riders who don’t choose to compete, there are still many challenges and rewards in learning to be partners with the horse.

We welcome all riders the age of six and older to participate in our lessons. We love our beginner adult riders as well. It is never too late to enjoy this sport. To help you get started we provide lesson horses as well as horses for lease and assistance in finding the best horse for you. We begin all students in private lessons to ensure you receive the personal training required to build a solid foundation. Learning how to communicate with your horse in a way that he can understand and learning how your horse mentally and physically responds to you is of utmost importance. These skills will carry you through your riding career.

Everything we teach has a foundation in safety. Starting in the grooming bay, throughout your ride and until the time the horse is returned to its stall you will learn how to handle and ride the horse in the safest possible manner. I have raised my three children riding horses and am now teaching my granddaughters how to ride and all of our students are treated with the same care and concern.

If you are just looking for an adventure or choose to ride in competitions call to schedule a lesson. Our primary riding style is Hunt Seat and we also teach Western pleasure. For the rider who wants to win All-Around awards, we can teach you both.

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